In true City of London Livery Company style 'I bid you all a hearty welcome'

Since I started Tweeting back in December 2012 under the sobriquet @CityandLivery my followers have been assured a personalised welcome and greeting in the style employed at Livery Company banquets when the Master, Prime Warden or Upper Bailiff bids his or her fellow Liverymen and their guests 'a hearty welcome'.

This blog takes that hearty welcome a step further and invites you all to discover more about The City of London and its diverse Livery Companies, particularly their history, law, lore and customs.

The City of London and its Livery Companies are immensely well documented subjects that remain fundamental to the history of the English nation, the development of parliamentary democracy and local government, the practice of common law and the economic prosperity of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and beyond. The City of London has a unique status in the United Kingdom and governs itself like no other city in the world. The City blends ancient customs with modern business practices in a seamless manner that combine continuity and innovation, tradition with technology - aspects that will be explored throughout this blog.

This blog supports the website, the Twitter account @CityandLivery and the Facebook page and The City of London Freeman's Guide which is available in hardback and eBook format from Amazon and retail outlets in the City of London.

Want to learn more about the Livery Companies?

The City of London Freeman's Guide is the definitive concise guide to the City of London and its ancient and modern Livery Companies, their customs, traditions, officers, events and landmarks. Available in full colour hardback and eBook formats and now in its fourth or Masterpiece edition. The guide is available online from Apple (as an eBook), Amazon (in hardback or eBook) Payhip (in ePub format) or Etsy (in hardback or hardback with the author's seal attached). Also available from all major City of London tourist outlets and bookstores.

The City of London Freeman's Guide is available in all major City retail outlets and online

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