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What exactly is a Livery Company?

The tragic events of Friday 29th November 2019 in and outside Fishmongers’ Hall at the northern end of London Bridge have thrown a spotlight on that building and the organisation that owns it, but also more widely on these curious City of London institutions called Livery Companies.

The events that took place in the hall and then spilled out onto the pavement have caused, and will likely continue to cause for some time, a peak in interest on social media about the Fishmongers’ Hall, not least because of the heroism of the staff as reported by the Company's Clerk (Commodore Toby Williamson) on the BBC News. 

There is a time and a place for calm analysis of the events that took place in the hall, and my thoughts are with the loved ones of all who were killed, injured or otherwise affected by the actions of a terrorist. This blog seeks only to explain what a Livery Company is for those who may wish to learn more.
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