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The City's links with New Zealand and Australia

I have recently been researching the City's various links with Australia and New Zealand in preparation for a speech I will be delivering to the Worshipful Company of Butchers in early October. As with so much else about the City and its Livery Companies, there is much to be discovered - often hiding in plain sight but poorly documented and little known outside of the circles that have a reason to know. The following list of links vary from historical one offs to ongoing relationships. At the time of writing there are serious moves afoot to establish associations of Freemen and Liverymen in Australia and a newly formed one in New Zealand. Perhaps in the future we will see an Antipodean equivalent of The Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London of North America (yes there is such a thing) form in those countries. If that Bonzer Company of Freemen of the City of London Down Under (a working title of my own invention) does come to fruition, it may be helpful to give th

Diversity and inclusion among the City and its Livery Companies

The subjects of diversity and inclusion have rightly gained prominence in the City of London in recent years. These cognate subjects continue to be areas of focus in the City’s government , for policing , in business, in the Livery Companies and many other walks of life.  Past Lord Mayors have shined a light on inclusivity, various groups have formed to bring attention to aspects of inclusion (e.g. Women in the City, City Hindus Network, City Sikhs Network, Interbank LGBT Forum), and many programmes have been launched at organisational and city-wide level to increase awareness of inclusion and opportunities for people all walks of life to be welcomed; to participate; to be valued; to be respected; and supported so they may achieve their full potential. This article explores the subjects of diversity and inclusivity through the lens of the City’s history as a trading port connected with the world; a place where aptitude, energy and talent are the keys to personal success and s