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The Livery Companies and Freemasonry

This blog article is based upon an earlier comparison of the similarities and differences that exist between the Livery Companies and Freemasonry that originally appeared on my website ( It has been updated based upon more recent discoveries and a deeper understanding of the role of Freemasonry and how its relationship with the Livery came about.

The subject of Freemasonry is something of a 'marmite' topic among Liverymen, there are those who love it, and those who would rather not partake, but by and large the knowledge of Freemasonry's links to the Livery are not widely known and remain poorly understood by both Freemasons and Liverymen.

In particular Freemasonry has many stories of its origins that are built on foundations of historical quicksand, providing no firm facts and every opportunity for the unwary to get trapped in myths and legends. The Worshipful Company of Masons emphasise the importance of untangling Freemasonry from the various G…