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Get Chartered, or how to reach the Gold Standard of incorporated body with a Royal Charter

This blog article is based on an interview I conducted with Keith Lawrey, winner of the City Livery Club's Root and Branch Award (2017). The Root and Branch Award recognises the Liveryman who has made an outstanding contribution to the wider aims of the Livery, and is usually presented by the Lord Mayor of London at the City Livery Club's annual civic luncheon in the City.

Keith achieved his award for decades of pro bono work for the Livery Companies specifically guiding them through the process of obtaining a first Royal Charter, supplemental Royal Charters or amendments to an existing Royal Charter.

A transcript and audio extracts of the interview will follow at a later date, for the time being this article explores the reasons why a Livery Company would want to petition the Crown for a Royal Charter and the process as it stands today. In time past Royal Charters were granted by the Monarch, and sometimes withdrawn, usually as a tax raising measure or means to grant monopolis…