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The electoral system in the City of London - an exercise in Hyper Democracy

The City of London's electoral system is rather different from other towns and cities in the UK and apt to attract excitable articles in the press and media that are almost always based upon ill informed, biased opinion that lacks an objective, factual basis. The differences in the electoral system in the City are a product of its very long and complex history (spanning over 1,000 years) and its unique status as a city which has approximately 100 commute in workers (circa 513,000, 2018 Corporation of London) for every registered resident voter (circa 5,500, 2016 Corporation of London). This combination of long and complex history and unique status has resulted in three different electorates: The residents The business voters (some of whom are residents, most are commuters) The livery This article explores each of these electorates and their involvement with the election of the City's government. The Residents The residents are perhaps the easiest electorate to u